Push This Button is out NOW!!

The newest track “Push This Button” is now released on Digital Movement Records.
Be prepared to have your ears spoiled with these awesome new beats.

The track is featured by the talented singer Ann Momoun and has a great story behind it.
Here’s what Ann wrote on the release day:

“Today ”Push This Button” is released on Digital Movement Records. One day Denis Filipovic contacted me, and together we gave the track new life. I wrote it way back when Jeppe Dex and I started to make music for what was originally called Electric Coast and later Fureby & Mimoun. It was quickly put away though, because the time wasn’t right for it.
Later I was contacted when another singer wanted to use it. I kindly declined the offer, because I wanted to work on it myself.
Through time, it has been taken through a lot of different electro genres.

Only when I participated in the Triangle Music Prize many years ago, where I later became a part of the judge panel, the track was publicly presented. In a more rustic and dusty version though.
It has been on its way for a while, this precious track. 
Now it is finally alive! Listen to it on iTunes and Spotify among others.”

Follow the link below and listen to “Push This Button” on your favorite streaming service: